Brain Fuel: 6 Foods to Improve Your Brain Function + Memory


As one of the most vital organs in your body, your brain is a powerhouse that deserves love and attention. The brain needs fuel to maintain peak performance and support its functions.  This is why brain foods are so crucial to our health. We’ve compiled a list of foods that can help exercise and supplement … Continued

No More Calorie Counting!

Healthy Foods

The 411 A new study published in JAMA discovered that people who cut back on highly processed foods, refined grains, and added sugar, then replaced them with nutrient-rich foods like salmon, olive oil, brown rice, and barley, lost weight faster than people who simply count calories.  If you’ve taken my classes, you already know this. It’s one of … Continued

The Power of Sleep


As I write this, I am bleary-eyed. I definitely didn’t get enough sleep last night, and here I am writing about getting enough sleep! With that said, today’s demands on working families in this day and age of technology, only 60% of us are getting more than 8 hours of sleep. The other 40% who get less … Continued

Healthy On You + Salk


Many thanks to everyone who came out to the Healthy On You and Salkexcellerators event. We had a great turn out of both Healthy On You and the Salk community to learn about the latest research on oncology and healthy lifestyle trends. Salk research scientists Amy Rommel and Shiela Rao joined me on a panel … Continued