Healthy On You + Salk

By Samantha Binkley

Many thanks to everyone who came out to the Healthy On You and Salkexcellerators event. We had a great turn out of both Healthy On You and the Salk community to learn about the latest research on oncology and healthy lifestyle trends. Salk research scientists Amy Rommel and Shiela Rao joined me on a panel to discuss how food impacts our health through what we eat including sugar, gluten and other inflammatory causing agents in our diets.

What was amazing was listening to Sheila explain her research on gut health, probiotics and the latest cures that take place in the intestinal tract. Amy picked up where she left off describing her research on cancer cells which behaves similarly to stem-cells. While finding a cure for cancer is not likely, figuring out a way to have cancer cells behave less like stem cells are the key to managing the growth of these cells. The reason: stem cells tend to grow their own blood supplies, and when the blood supply is cut off, the generate new blood vessels to feed themselves. Fascinating stuff.

Regarding healthy research trends, they all agreed with me that researching new natural anti-inflammatory ingredients is one of the next big health trends. Many companies today are looking into spices like turmeric, ginger, peppers, and host of other anti-inflammatory foods that they will incorporate into new products in the years to come. Starbucks is already doing it-some markets have a cayenne pepper inspired drink called the “Chile Mocha.”

You can wait on that research or incorporate more spices into your cooking with Healthy on You Organic Spice Blends!