Seasonal Goodness

By Samantha Binkley

Healthy On You is at it again with another incredible healthy cooking class. This amazing group was so fun to work with and everyone was eager to learn these easy and delicious recipes. The menu included a roasted fennel and turmeric ginger walnut salad, a creamy dairy-free polenta with herb roasted heirloom cherry tomatoes, a fragrant and delicious coconut curry mussels and for dessert, we had a delicious vegan chocolate mousse.

The afternoon melted into the evening as I got to know some new faces and catch up with a few friends. I taught a new technique for cleaning and chopping leeks (they always seem to carry way more dirt than you would suspect) and we roasted fennel. We coated our walnuts with my delicious Healthy On You® Here Comes The Yum spice blend and honey. Then seasoned our heirloom cherry tomatoes with my Provence You’ve Been Gone seasoning. The big theme of the evening was fresh, organic and healthy.

Check out the photos and look out for these yummy recipes on the blog.