Paella Cooking Class

By Samantha Binkley

If you asked me I would say all my classes are great, but sometimes there’s a special class that just makes me feel so good inside after. This was one of those classes that reinforced why I love teaching and hosting so much.

It’s not about the class really. It’s about the people and bringing a community of people together around healthy food. It’s truly how we learn who we are and when we let go to be the people we aspire to be.

There are no hang-ups or negativity, only kindness, and appreciation for being surrounded by friends (sometimes new) and good food in an intimate environment.

These classes have taught me so much. I’ve learned about myself and what it takes to hustle and create a business from scratch; I’ve learned about the power of food and how it brings us together; I’ve learned that taking the time and discipline to be prepared is worth more than anything; and most of all, I learned how alike we all are in our dreams and desires, despite what’s on the outside.

The food and camaraderie in this beautiful class speak for itself. The next open class is on Sunday, November 17th. Check out the holiday menu, choose a person that you want to spend time with and sign up for an experience you won’t long forget.