Mother’s Day Cooking Class

By Samantha Binkley

The Healthy On You Mother’s Day cooking class with Benziger Wine pairings was a huge success. What a lovely time we all had cooking these delicious and healthy recipes. It was a gorgeous afternoon for walking through the gardens and playing with the chickens! We worked for three hours preparing the May menu which consisted of the Chilled Strawberry Coconut Soup, an Avocado Beet Stack with Smoked Salmon, Arugula and Cauliflower Puree, a Farmer’s Market Pappardelle Salad with perfectly seared Scallops and lastly the Rhubarb Galette with a Strawberry and Lavender Glaze.
Afterward, we all sat down to dinner with each recipe paired with a perfect selection from Benziger Winery. We all had our favorites-the Merlot was perfectly paired with the Farmer’s Market Pappardelle with the beautiful fruity flavors. The rosé was excellent with the Strawberry Coconut Soup, and the Chardonnay simply complimented the Avocado Beet Stack, bringing out the earthy richness of the fresh beets and avocado.
It was lovely to watch the interaction between mothers and daughters in this unique class on such a special day. I thanked the ladies for spending their day with my lovely daughter and me as we experience a healthy food and wine experience, but most of all- togetherness.