Healthy On You & The Salk Institute

By Samantha Binkley

‘It’s All About Your Food!”

This event was sponsored by both Healthy On You & The Salk Institute. Amy Rommel, the Salkexcellerator research fellow discussed her research on the deadliest form of brain cancer, glioblastoma. She also discussed food and its relationship to cancer and gave her final word on GMOs in our food supply. This was a wonderful evening with the Salk and the Healthy On You community, learning about health and healthy eating!

People are still talking about how much they learned about our food supply and so-called healthy foods. Amy was able to deliver valuable advice about avoiding fat-free foods (yogurt, milk etc.,)  sugar-free substitutes (stevia, truvia etc.) and limiting your sugar intake, especially high fructose corn syrup. She stated that in her laboratory where she is growing cancer cells for research, she feeds the media sugar because it promotes cell growth. Say no more!

Another interesting point she makes is that eating GMO produced food is not always bad. Its already in so many products we currently consume such as cotton and those delicious tomatoes we love that stay fresh longer. I learned that most tomatoes have been genetically modified with the addition of Vitamin A because as a population we are deficient.

So, not all GMOs are bad, but it would be great to know when the foods we eat are genetically modified in some way. She states, “the only real way to avoid genetically modified foods is to buy 100% Organic,  Certified Organic, and USDA Organic-labeled products.”