Healthy On You in Ranch & Coast Magazine

By Samantha Binkley

Happy New Year! 2016 started out on a very good note for Healthy On You. Ranch and Coast Magazine (p.36) has featured me in their January issue “Finding a new you in the New Year.”  I’m very thankful to the editor, Andrea Naversen for including HOY in the Style Notes section. She totally nails it when she says eating healthy has never tasted so good!

The truth is, Healthy cooking and living is an ongoing lifestyle. So friends, if you are trying to change your weight, start by eating better, and getting more exercise. I’m here to tell you to please stay away from fad diets and detoxes that starve your body of vital nutrients. Eat unprocessed whole foods in their most natural state. Read food labels in the supermarket before buying and watch your portions. Lastly, try a Healthy On You cooking class. You won’t regret it.