Couples Who Cook Together….

By Samantha Binkley

…Stay Together! That was definitely our mantra for the evening. This class was simply unprecedented because it was the first couples class where men were included in a formal way. Testing the water, I guess and it was a huge success! The class was just the right mix with five amazing couples around the island learning to prepare a fabulous Valentine’s Day menu. Each couple worked together to make citrus stuffed herb cornish game hens and scallop tartare with tomato, avocado and green apple prepared in a heart mold. We also made an absolutely delicious vegan chocolate mousse with coconut whipped cream.

It was amazing to watch the loving way in which each couple worked together to create their meal. Not everyone in this class was a cook so this class was also educational and informative for all cooking levels. That’s what makes it so much fun, learning while doing a fun activity.  Oh, and the roses! Everyone received one of these beauties at the table and the dinner party began.

After dinner, my husband Nick played the guitar and sang a few songs from his repertoire for us. It was so lovely and definitely made the evening even more special!

Check out these fabulous couples hard at work, learning the basics of cooking healthy food and having fun while doing it.