Couples Who Cook Together…

By Samantha Binkley

The Valentine’s couples class is one of my favorite classes all year! This is my 4th couples class and it’s great watching the teams work together to create healthy meals. You get to understand everyone’s role in the kitchen and if I’ve done my job right, the partner who doesn’t naturally do the cooking participates more in creating the meal, all while having fun.

Cooking for me is about taking routine nourishment and making it more fun, either by implementing new techniques or interesting ingredients. We started the class by making a cashew based green goddess salad for our Winter Lovers Salad which included a spring salad mix, some from the garden, fennel slices, pomegranate seeds and toasted pine nuts.

We then moved onto the dessert which was an amazing Lavender Almond cake, served in heart shaped Ramekins. It was delectable and a perfect gluten -free dessert anytime of year. We used coconut palm sugar which is low-glycemic and a healthier alternative to white sugar. Since the dessert was chocolate, there was not aesthetic issues to worry about in the presentation. My Healthy On You Lavender Sea Salt was perfect for creating more interest in the flavors.

Lavender Almond Chocolate Cakes

We then moved onto preparing our Watercress and Parsley Soup and Lemon Sole Pinwheels stuffed with fresh crab, artichokes and spinach. Those in class know this, but this recipe is simply fantastic and great to make together as a team. The crab stuffing is fresh, full of vegetables and is perfect for a special dinner for two or a dinner party.

Lemon Sole Pinwheels Stuffed with Crab, Artichoke and Spinach

These were the incredible organic spices we used to prepare all the delicious recipes from class. You can order online shoot me an email if you would like a gift box for your sweetheart!

Valentine’s Cooking Class Spice Box