No More Calorie Counting!

Healthy Foods

The 411 A new study published in JAMA discovered that people who cut back on highly processed foods, refined grains, and added sugar, then replaced them with nutrient-rich foods like salmon, olive oil, brown rice, and barley, lost weight faster than people who simply count calories.  If you’ve taken my classes, you already know this. It’s one of … Continued

Rancho La Puerta Cooking Class

Rancho La Puerta Cooking Class Group Photo with Healthy on You

So much fun this week at Rancho La Puerta teaching a beautiful cooking class in La Cocina Que Canta-the kitchen that sings! I had an incredible group that came down to cook with me, and we had the best time. The theme was adding flavor with spices so I taught a Moroccan Spiced Salmon, an Apple … Continued

Cook with Me at Rancho La Puerta


I’m really looking forward to being a guest chef later this month (Feb. 24-28) at La Cocina Que Canta (“The Kitchen That Sings”) at Rancho La Puerta Resort in Tecate, Mexico. For months I’ve been working on my recipes and finessing them based on what is in season on their beautiful 7-acre organic farm.  My … Continued

Jamaican Jerked Fish

Jamaican Jerk Fish

Honoring black history month with food is a breeze with this great combination of Caribbean and Southern flavors. This yummy catfish fillet is marinated in a spicy wet marinade and baked. It’s incredibly flavorful and reflective of Jamaican cooking as a whole. The spices used in Jamaican jerk were meant to preserve meats when there … Continued

The Power of Sleep


As I write this, I am bleary-eyed. I definitely didn’t get enough sleep last night, and here I am writing about getting enough sleep! With that said, today’s demands on working families in this day and age of technology, only 60% of us are getting more than 8 hours of sleep. The other 40% who get less … Continued

Goat Cheese and Holiday Berry Crostini


This is always a hit at my holiday gatherings. Cranberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries-all stewed in port wine, orange juice, and honey. It’s a perfect appetizer for a big group because the compote stretches easily to feed a crowd. Top it with some mint for a fresh fragrant bite.