August Cooking Class: Japanese Cuisine

By Samantha Binkley

Despite the heatwave, we managed to have a fantastic Sunday afternoon in the kitchen. Japanese cuisine was on the menu!  We made dashi, the traditional Japanese sea stock and the base for our miso soup with clams; Japanese rolled omelets, we prepared them in groups of threes and it was fun to watch the competitive natures come out with each team determined to make perfect omelets on their first try. They all came out beautifully!

We prepared marinades for the sweet chili ginger chicken, cold soba noodle salad and had a yummy tapioca mango dessert. All in 3 hours and exhaustedly sat down for dinner for another 2! The September class, Welcome Autumn is coming up on the 30th. We will be working with whole fish and techniques for stuffing and roasting. Hope to see you there. SIGN ME UP!